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All that is bad!

How do we define bad bull? Bad bull is simply some an attitude or activity that can be construed as immoral or disrespectful, specifically as it pertains to Texas A&M University. Obviously bad bull is inclusive of all your normal malicious and illegal activity, but here we focus on those things which disrespect the memory and current state of Aggieland. How do we define what is immoral and disrespectful? There is never a consistent answer amongst all ags, but to truly understand one must dig deep, back into the time of "ol Army". A great number of traditions have been preserved throughout the many years, and this is good bull. However, quite a few have dissappeared, and new ones are appearing that probably shouldn't. Here will explore the bad.

Bad Bull at Kyle Field

Bad Bull at The University
Last updated December 1, 2000 - Art Fowler '96