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All that is good!

How do we define good bull? Good bull includes all those things we normally think of, which make us smile and laugh, and generally feel good about ourselves. This is open to interpretation of course, but we think that most people know what this is. Here, good bull has to do with the school we know so grand, Texas A&M. These are the things which engage ourselves in the traditions and spirit of Aggieland, activities and attitudes that promote the values inherent in the school.

The Aggie code of honor

Taken from http://student-rules.tamu.edu/aggicode.htm

For many years Aggies have followed a Code of Honor, which is stated in this very simple verse:

Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal,
nor do they tolerate those who do.

The Aggie Code of Honor is an effort to unify the aims of all Texas A&M men and women toward a high code of ethics and personal dignity. For most, living under this code will be no problem, as it asks nothing of a person that is beyond reason. It only calls for honesty and integrity, characteristics that Aggies have always exemplified.

The Aggie Code of Honor functions as a symbol to all Aggies, promoting understanding and loyalty to truth and confidence in each other.

Last updated December 1, 2000 - Art Fowler '96